Really good info. Is a good tip for Holidaymakers in Bodrum

The Travelbunny

September saw us set off for Turkey, a new destination for me, and one I knew little about.  The more research I did the more I realised how much there is to this fascinating country.  We had just two weeks and wanted to combine sightseeing, relaxation and some city exploration all the while photographing and eating our way across the country.   Two weeks gave us time to just scratch the surface – here’s our itinerary…

After flying into Istanbul we took a flight to Kayseri in the centre of the country.  We then transferred to Goreme in a region called Cappadocia in central Anatolia and stayed three nights here, the first in a ‘Fairy Chimney’ in the most charming boutique cave hotel.  We explored the underground cave town of Derinkuyu, hiked through some incredible volcanic rock formations, had the most perfect breakfast of my life and…

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